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The well known statesman, Daniel Webster spent many summers along the shores. He made a speech in the oak grove near Aiken Point in 1851 when the lake was named in his honor. He died a year later as a result of a head and arm injury from the breakdown of his carriage in Marshfield, Massachusetts on October 24, 1852. Ten thousand people attended his funeral.
Some of the information above was taken from “A day on Webster Lake” written by Mary A. Rowell.

News & Events 5/15/2015

May 2015

The lake is especially beautiful this time of year! Be sure to check our Facebook page for news about what is happening nearby.

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Local News 5/24/2015

New, fun things to do in the Mount Washington Valley

There's a lot to do in the Mt. Washington Valley and this year there are new attractions open for the season....

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